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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment should I bring?

<h4 class="font_4">SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT LIST</h4>

Digital HDSLR body (x2)

Wide angle lens – 16-35 mm 2.8, 14 mm 1.8 or 2.8, 24 mm 1.4

Medium lens – 24-105 mm

Telephoto lens – 70-200mm 2.8

Long lens such as: 300 mm 2.8; 200-400 mm f/4; 150-600 mm

Neutral density filters (3 stop, 10 stop)

Speedlight or two or some kind of electronic flash.

Sturdy tripod to support your camera and lens

Electronic release, Intervelometer

Digital media

Supplemental hard drive

Laptop loaded with LR (Lightroom), PS (Photoshop),

optional: NIK Filters, MacPhun, Topaz plug-ins

Laptop power supply

Card reader

Headlamp with RED light

Gloves with finger access for changing camera controls at night

Please note: You are not expected to have all of this gear; however, at a minimum you should have an HDSLR body and a couple of lenses, tripod, a flash or two, laptop with processing software, laptop power supply and card reader.

What extra clothing should I bring?

Hiking boots

Warm jacket

Winter jacket

Thermal underwear (for nighttime shooting session)

Rain gear

Should I bring pillows and bedding?

No need unless you have a special pillow. The lodge will provide the following:

Bed sheet

Fitted sheet



Pillow case

Bath towel

Wash cloth

You'll need to bring toiletries, including soap and shampoo.

What will the food be like?

Meals will be served in a dining facility. The fare will be elevated camp food, served buffet style.

Will alcohol be served?

No. Attendees may drive to a local convenience store to pick up alcohol. We expect anyone choosing to have alcohol to drink responsibly. Red cups are recommended.

Can I drive to the Summit Bechtel Reserve?

Yes. The Summit Bechtel Reserve lies within a 5 - 6 hour drive of most major cities in the Northeast. Google Maps can give you exact drive times.

What about transportation during the workshop?

We expect several attendees will arrive in personal or rental vehicles. We highly encourage carpooling or sharing rental cars with other participants. If not enough personal or rental vehicles are available to go to shoot locations, we will have on-site transportation arranged.

If I fly, how do I get from the airport to the Summit Bechtel Reserve?

We offer roundtrip ground transportation from Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV, for an additional $45. (Please note Yeager Airport is in Charleston, WV, not Charleston, SC.) From any other airport you will need to rent a car.

What are the accommodations like?

Comfortable lodges accommodate attendees. Two to three people per room sleep in bunks. Multiple private single-use bathrooms are on each floor.

How will COVID-19 issues be addressed?

The workshop will be conducted following all Federal, State, Local and BSA health guidelines regarding COVID-19 at the time. For example, all attendees will have single occupancy rooms, though families will be allowed to room together. Attendees will self-monitor daily for five days prior to the event and complete an online health form. In addition, the BSA medical staff will decide whether a participant coming from a COVID-19 hot spot existing at the time of the workshop will be permitted to attend.

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